Gamer $oda has been launched on the Stellar Blockchain under the symbol GAMEX which is the first of its kind high performance utility asset designed to fund the Gamer Brand manufacturing infrastructure.

The GAMEX token was developed for the Video Gamer who would like to be an integral part in helping launch an energy formulation for the GAMER Beverage Brand. In addition, plans for our Tree of Life include an interactive gaming platform!

In return for your investment in GAMEX, we'll be sure to share a portion of our profits and reward you with XLM based on the % of GAMEX you're holding.

BONUS: The first 1,000 to invest in GAMEX tokens will be rewarded with additional GAMEX at 1% of your investment.

We've made it super easy to invest too! At the bottom of this and every page on our site you'll find hyperlinks to a number of wallets where you can obtain GAMEX.

New to Crypto? Click "CRYPTO 101" below for a simple overview of how it all works and how to keep your investment super safe.

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Thanks for your support of GAMER & "Stay in Your Game"!
Network Explorer Status: LIVE