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Gamer Soda Survey

Take Our Gamer Soda Survey & Earn Free Gamex Token!

We’re creating our very 1st Energy Blend for our GAMER beverage brand and want to make it a huge success! We’d like to offer you the chance to be part of beverage history! Please take a few minutes to complete and submit our survey. You will be able to select a flavor, functional ingredients, a sweetener preference, and packaging options.

Your input can help make GAMER’s 1 st energy flavor the best on the market!

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1. Choose your favorite “Flavor”:

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2. Pick your favorite “Functional Ingredients”:

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3. Choose your preferred “Sweetener”:

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4. How would you like to purchase GAMER Energy”?

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5. Additional comments welcome:

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AND FINALLY, Please share your Stellar Account or Federation Address to receive your FREE GAMEX TOKEN!

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