pure carbonated water

pure cane sugar

vitamin B1 fortified

no artificial colors


GAMER was inspired by video gamers and created for video gamers. We put tons of research & time into crafting great products which can be enjoyed by video gamers of all ages.

So What are You Drinking?

The foundation for all our beverage products starts with pure, great tasting water. Our water is then lightly carbonated, giving you a smooth soda experience.

Our sweetener of choice…pure cane sugar. Cane sugar tastes great & most importantly, is all natural!

B vitamin fortified. B vitamins are known to help utilize energy from food by promoting proper metabolism of carbohydrates, which translates to sustained energy (*). We chose B-1 in the same formulation & amounts as you would normally find in a child’s daily vitamin.

So What Aren’t You Drinking?

Artificial colors. All our beverage products are free of artificial colors.



A unique blend of 3 all natural citrus flavors. Caffeine enhanced.


Artificial grape flavor. Caffeine Free.
(OK, we tried really hard to get an all natural grape flavor, but it was just too soft. The artificial flavor provided the taste our gamers were craving, and allowed us to stay away from artificial colors).


A delicious blend of natural cherry & other natural flavors. Caffeine enhanced.


A yummy blend of natural orange & other natural flavors. Caffeine Free.


Send us an e-mail & let us know which flavor we should bottle next. Remember gamers, we make this soda brand especially for you, so tell us what you want…we’ll always listen!

(*) This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases