a special idea

a special name

a special beverage

a special company


A soda just for video gamers ..

Many years ago, during a cool summer Saturday night, the founder of DSJ Beverages was playing video games with the oldest of his 3 sons. In between games, the son asked for a soda, of which there was a variety in the fridge. The dad asked “Which kind do you want?”, and the son replied “It doesn’t matter”. So the dad grabbed the closest one & as he handed it to his son he said “Someday, a soda company should make a brand just for you, the video gamer”. The son enthusiastically agreed.

… a name …

As the video gaming continued, the wheels started to spin in our founder’s noggin. Suddenly, an idea. He said to his son, “The name of the soda brand should be…GAMER!” Without hesitation, the son paused his game, spun his head towards his dad & asked, “What did you call it?” The dad repeated “GAMER”. The son replied “I love it! That’s perfect! GAMER would be my brand for sure. Dad, you’ve gotta make it!”

 … and a very special drink.

Many moons later, with lots of research, hard work, and good ole determination, we are very pleased to bring you, the video gamer, a brand specific beverage to call your own…

GAMER Gives Back

DSJ Beverages is a family business. Like most families, there have been many non-profit organizations that we have turned to for support over the years. Now, with your help, we’d like the chance to give back!

DSJ Beverages will donate 10% of after tax profits to local and national causes. These include recreational programs, hospitals for children, video game entertainment for children while under hospital admission, cancer research, and wildlife preservation.

Thanks for your support!